Rent your skis online!

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Rent your skis online!

Those who prefer to plan the rental days can view and book boots, skis and snowboards directly online. Just visit the website.

On the website you can choose from numerous ski models for every need: from downhill to freeriding to ski mountaineering.

Those who love skiing know how important technical equipment and the timing with which you get to the slopes are. The time spent in the shop, to rent skis, is often time taken away from having fun. Those traveling in a group know even more how important it is to have their skis, boots, poles or snowboard ready the day you go to the slopes!

Rent your skis online on the website

Renting online is convenient!

  • Save time! By renting your equipment with you will find the booked material ready for you, in the shop, on the day of your arrival! No more queue, no stress!
  • You pay online, without having to bring cash or other currency to the store or to the slopes. Plus, you know exactly how much you spend before you get to the store!
  • Your day starts in a more relaxed way and you will be able to enjoy your ski holiday better!
  • Savings on list prices in store!
  • You can choose the best equipment calmly, directly from your home!
  • You can ask us for information via the Web or on the phone before renting the equipment, avoiding queues in the shop and stress before going to the slopes.
  • You are ready to go to the slopes in a very short time, since we have set up a dedicated check-in for those who make online reservations, which will allow you to skip the general queue (for those who do not have online reservations)!


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